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Hi, i'm psychic Julie, and I was born with the gift to help others spiritually since I've been born, my gift came fully at 5 years old and I started helping others with love and troubling issues through psychic insight provided by God, Light and the Universe. I started helping others combat substance abuse through affirmation and light work. I specialize in love, reuniting and uniting soulmates and twin flames to find you on your journey. My biggest journey is to help others to find clarity and understanding of the universe and its journey for you. My biggest joy is providing and promoting spiritual awareness because it is vital for a stronger, enlightened,and ignited body and mind through the spirit. Understanding the spirit is understanding your body and mind, because they are all connected. Peace and blessings on your journey and path. my readings detail love, finance, success, business, pet energies, marriage, children, health, deceased loved ones, spiritual addictions and whats causing them, and more. 
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